At the end of July 2012 we completed Pweza, a cottage built on the old foundations of a disused garage. 


The recycling of a building site set a Green theme for our new cottage: we used salvaged doors, not just as doors but remodelled as furniture too. The roof was wrought of  makuti using artisans from the local community, many of the coral blocks were recycled and the casuarina poles throughout the house are home-grown. We engaged local tailors to make bedspreads from recycled cottons and we built with an eye on natural air and light, to maximise the use of both.


Pweza means Octopus in Kiswahili and, appropriately, given all those legs, is the eighth of our cottages, all named after sea creatures in the local language. It's a generous family sized cottage, with three double bedrooms, two bathrooms and both upstairs and downstairs verandahs.








But equally it serves well as a couple's hideout with a large four-postered, mozzi-net draped bed upstairs under a domed makuti thatch with double doors to a verandah which offers privacy and fabulous Sand Island views.